Coaching is an extension of classroom

Many a time, we come across the instances where many students attend coaching classes to relax and sometimes exhibit indifferent behavior. They do not realize the fact coaching classes are an extension of regular classes. Coaching classes have an ecosystem and works on a particular mechanism on the similar lines like a school. The only difference is that the duration and frequency differs from the regular schools.

A student when gets enrolled for a coaching class shall and must consider the following. There should an absolute sense of seriousness and sincerity as they enable the students to learn in a desired manner. Secondly, time is of great importance and essence. Reaching late for classes, staying absent from some or many sessions and not paying due attention to the lectures defeat the whole purpose. It is not only a defeat of the students, but the tireless efforts of teachers at the school and coaching classes go in vain.

The parents invest a great deal of money and time in admitting the students in the school and enrolling her/him for the coaching classes, but they shall also direct some concrete efforts in soaring the level of seriousness in the minds and hearts of their wards. The parents/guardians must make their children understand the significance of formal schooling and respect the entire system wholly and shall extend the same to the coaching classes. The coaching classes are no substitution to the formal schools but they complement and supplement schooling, learning and knowledge transmission in a powerful and effective manner.

The parents shall discourage the notion breeding in the minds of their wards that formal schooling is little use as they have been enrolled for coaching classes of repute and at the same time, they shall help the coaching classes establish the fact that the aspirants shall stay focused and sincere in schools as well as coaching classes.

�Let us rule out lackadaisical attitude and embrace real learning with a tinge of harmless fun.�